Backbar Studios
Nespresso Generic Relocating Final-01.png

Nespresso Illustrations

The brief was to develop a range of illustrations for Nespresso that would be available to markets for the e-mail announcements of boutique closings, openings, relocations & refurbishments as well as two illustrations for N-Point machines & Nano Boutiques.

There was some time spent developing other drafts that were not approved. Other colour schemes & layouts we thought were worth showing. There was a bit more exploration into certain times of the day and different lighting on rooftops & buildings.

Nespresso Social-01.png
Nespresso Social-12.png
Nespresso Social-08.png
Nespresso Social-10.png
Nespresso Social-09.png
Nespresso Social-07.png
Nespresso Social-05.png
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